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In a recent interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Miranda confirmed that she is no longer committed to the lingerie company. The Victoria’s Secret veteran revealed that her Angel duties were too time-consuming and were taking precious time away from her 2-year-old son, Flynn, and her hunky Hollywood hubby, Orlando Bloom. She explained, “The thing is, I’ve been modeling since I was 13. I’m now entering a new phase in my life. I have felt this coming since my son was born and, after I became a mother, I realized I needed to prioritize my time.” She added, “I’m just not in a position to commit to a full contract at this time … It’s three months at a bare minimum.” Still, the company's president and chief marketing officer Ed Razek told omg! last week that she will always be an Angel to him, and that he's "already invited her to walk the runway in this year's fashion show and, happily, she's agreed." cr:yomg
@yinofYang @oj1992 exactly! it's usually the opposite. They tend to sacrifice their family in order to gain more fame almost all the time
@oj1992 @shoenami Yep, yep. It's not often you see too many celebrities who are willing to put everything on hold for family. That is definitely admirable.
I couldn't believe it at first, but well, this makes her such a great woman for doing this for her family.. can she be more perfect?? :D
@YinofYang I totally agree wz you. Sacrifices are inevitable once you intend to set up a family.
That's really awesome that she's putting her family first. So many relationships in the celebrity world become broken simply because of not seeing one another more.
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