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So @AnnaArai posted this picture and I couldn't help but strongly agree. I write fanfics but they're never sexual. As an ARMY, I feel very, very embarrassed. I mean I understand why people would write this stuff, but to where the guys can see it, it is too much. The fact that they're angry makes me feel sorry even if I don't write sexual things. #WeApologizeToBTS #SorryBTS
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I like reading a nice fanfic once in a while but this is just going too far. It must be really embarrassing for them to read stuff like this about themselves.
Whew. I was starting to feel guilty about my fan fic but it's just fluff... I'm glad they're not just angry at fam fic in general. And I totally agree if these people are saying nasty things then they need to stop. I don't want to read it on a comment either and it's not even about me. I look at their music videos or bombs to enjoy them not make everything sexual. Not necessary and makes them uncomfortable! That bad fan girling.
Though I don't write smut all that often because 1) I'm not all that good at it and 2) I feel so guilty reading it. The comments can get really bad and its almost embarrassing. Some people are just plain inappropriate and I feel so bad for our boys
This is very sad and I know it makes a lot of us international ARMYs VERY FRIGGING ANGRY!!!! I can't even imagine how uncomfortable BTS is now that they've read smut fanfiction about them. SMUT FANFICS GIVE THE REST OF US INTERNATIONAL FANS A BAD NAME AND MAKES THE HOME FANS HATE US!!! Fluffy Fanfiction and Fanfiction about them that's NOT SEXUAL is fine!!! It's actually quite adorable because BTS is just too cute for their own good! -^^- People need to learn how to respect others privacy, especially idols. Like what the hell is your problem (not directed to you loyal ARMYs, but you know who I mean). Yeah, I get that BTS are extremely adorable and very attractive but KEEP YOUR SEXUAL FANTASIES TO YOURSELF!!! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF SOMEONE WROTE SOMETHING DIRTY OR INAPPROPRIATE ABOUT YOU?! OR TOOK PICTURES OF YOU IN THE SHOWER OR DOING SOMETHING INAPPROPRIATE!!! (Writing smut about them is pretty much the same as taking dirty pictures). IT'S RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL AND JUST DOWN RIGHT SICK!!!! AND DON'T TELL ME YOU WOULDN'T MIND IF SOMEONE DID THAT TO YOU BECAUSE THAT'S TOTAL CRAP!!! STOP WRITING THAT CRAP!!! YOU'RE EMBARRASSING THE REST OF US INTERNATIONAL FANS!!! I'm sorry to everyone that read this rant. This topic gets me very angry and I feel so sorry for ALL the members of BTS. Yes, I'm pretty sure most of us have read or possibly have written a smut Fanfiction at least once, and I'm being honest here saying that I've read smut before but it was so awkward and I felt so guilty I actually started crying. This whole ordeal is extremely embarrassing and people, please stop. Respect each other's privacy, and keep your fantasies to yourself. #SorryBTS #WeApologizeToBTS
@cardboardart Don't apologize for your rant. Some people need to hear what you're saying