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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a great holiday!
I'm very thankful I've found this site/app, as I've made friends quicker than I thought I would've. In my current circle of friends, family, and co-workers, I really don't have anyone interested or willing to be interested in K-Pop. So finding this community was a Godsend, somewhere I could really let myself go and share jokes and laughter with. I'm sorry if I'm very forward in my comments, I've been holding in these jokes for wayyy to many months lol
I'd also like to thank K-Pop for even existing. I'm a lover of music, always have been, but nothing has really gotten to me like K-pop has (except maybe Jazz). There's just something about being able to understand emotions and situations from a language you don't even speak that blows my mind. So thank you to CEOs, producers, composers, Idols, youtube, and whomever else had a hand in introducing me to this wonderful genre. Bless ya'll.
Also Merry Christmas to my beautiful Bias/Bias Wreckers and their respective groups. Wishing for their health and happiness (especially Mr Appendix) <3