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Although some of us may have family near & dear 2 us, others may not, for various reasons. Whatever is ur beautiful holiday story, be gr8ful & inhale the beauty of it! 2 those who may not have such a beautiful holiday story, may each smile u experience 2day be an xtra special one. Should u shed a tear, may each tear find a tender place within u to store ur missed friends & family. May each tear find a tender place within to store ur lost hope & passions. I dedicate 2day to those individuals who share lost love, lost hope, lost faith & lost dreams...but remember to continue striving to rebuild urself because U ARE STILL WORTH IT no matter what u have been through, no matter what u had to encounter. Stay strong within team! From ur newly found inspiration, InspirationalMe! ☆Shine On Team☆
Thanks AB! Glad u appreciated my card.
Wow this is awesome @InspirationMe :) thanks for sharing your inspiration with us!!