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yess it does and if they wanna do that kind off stuff they can download Wattpad for a reason @DestinaByrd
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WTF would do such thing?! seriously? Not a fan definitely. . how can an ARMY do that.. ?? NOT an ARMY.?? this are just haters.. but if it was an ARMY? definitely needs to apologize like immediately ASAP! NOW!!
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Haters would do this and some Armys. and yess they do need to apologize to them @luna1171
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What makes me pissed off us not only that someone would do that to them, I mean they're human beings just like you. You have no right to make up stuff that isn't true. But people are putting all the blame on intl fans. Kfans do the same thing and they can't denies it. Why are they saying it's all our fault and that we're bad fans just because a small group of intl fans are assholes. Kfan's can't talk either. We don't blame all the kfans when they start bashing idols but when a few intl fans start doing stuff like this you blame it on all of us when some if us didn't even know this was happening. Kfans are just as much at fault as intl fans. Kfans edit stuff to make it look bad too
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