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5 of the Day!

This is day 2 of my 30 day anime challenge. Top 5 adult characters, and here they are!
I'll start this one of with Hisoka! This guy is a one of a kind psycho killer who likes to wait till the "fruit matures" before he takes his bite. I consider him among the top 5 strongest characters in the HxH universe!
Here's a man with a plan! The one-eyed owl is what some people know Yoshimura as. He run the little coffee shop in the 20th ward by the name if Anteiku. He's someone you don't want to be on his bad side, and he makes some delicious coffee!
From Darker than Black we have Hei here. He is one of the only contractors in the show who dares to defile the logical choices. He is also a badass blade duel welding lightning user! With a huge appetite.
All hail the King of Sindria....Sinbad! Without a doubt one of, if not, the strongest characters in the Magi series. He has his own country on his very own island alone with many Djinn weapons and a whole lot of household members.
And last but not least, The Huminod Typhoon, Vash the Stamped! A lone gunman in a cruel, cruel world out in search of love and peace as well as his next donut! This is one bad man! How could anyone not love this guy!
Thanks again for taking to time to check this out! Everyone have a very Merry Christmas!!!!
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