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I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing going on with Bts. I adore them, but must we all apologize for something that we didn't do? There are many fans, K-fans and international fans alike that didn't write inappropriate comments, fics, and the like to Bts or on Bts' channel. Besides, there are many other groups who people write fics about/etc. and they don't get mad or annoyed at their fans.(At least they don't express it.) Take Block B for example, they were nonchalant when reading a bbc's fan fiction. Yeah, it probably makes Bts uncomfortable, but let's not forget that these things don't physically affect them. Let's move on, and continue to support Bts, and try to not make them as uncomfortable. Anyways, Sorry for the small rant. I apologize to Army's and to Bts for this small rant, but hopefully you understand my words and meaning.
@MischiefK1ng Thank you!! I don't want to feel bad for what I didn't do. And I agree the only issue I see is when people post it to comments hoping and intending them to see it. I am writing a fan fic that's fluff and I ended up feeling guilty and awkward about it when I don't think I should. Fan fic is fan fic and as long as someone clarifies it's fiction or something, though I feel most people would know it is. Anyway I agree for sure with you
they aren't mad about the fanfic, from what I heard and seen on a post was that they are a bit uncomfortable about what fans are writing in there channels, that they don't really like to read the comments on their video because of the very inappropriate sexual comments that's be getting out hand lately.
Thank you. There's always immature fans in every fandom. And I have yet to see an official statement from the boys saying they're offended. Not that I'd want them to be, but why should I apologize on behalf of those who will not? The only thing I've ever heard straight from them is Suga once said he doesn't get why ARMY wants to see them cross dress but that's really it. Until I see those who've actually done wrong apologize I'll act. Also a lot of K-fans always act like they're spotless but there's crazy fans in any bunch. My $0.02
@MadAndrea Thank you. I felt the need to post this b/c people shouldn't have to feel bad or guilty for something that they didn't have anything to do with. So Keep on writing that fluff!
@vlargo @CreeTheOtaku As long as it's positive that's good, but I agree, some Army take it too far. I understand if it's elsewhere, but to comment that on their channel?
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