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I'm concerned about Jackson

I don't know what it is, but I've just noticed Jackson seems sad or out of it, just not himself. Now obviously I don't know him personally but I've just noticed differences in the way he laughs or smiles or acts he just seems like he doesn't want to be there. Like here ^ that smile just doesn't feel right, he just doesn't seem happy to me.
I first noticed it in this episode of ASC, Jackson was being his usual funny self but it was turned down. Like he wasn't really enjoying being there, but he's an idol and they have to always put on a smiley face in front of the cameras. Of course he was still being funny, I think that's just natural for him, but the feeling I got from it is like when you hear some bad news but you try to lighten the mood with some Knock Knock joke. I don't know it's just this vibe I keep on getting from Jackson
and this gif kinda says it all. You're about to perform a Christmas song, you've got a dinky little Santa hat on, a Christmas sweater, and an expression of "I don't want to be here" it just doesn't fit. I feel like there's something wrong with Jackson
and he does this not-smile-smile a lot and that's a very obvious sign to me that he's not happy. I've heard a lot of things about Jackson getting sick a lot, these idols don't get very much sleep, they work so hard day in and day out, and Jackson has said several times how much he misses his family and being home.
he does still have his moments of being loud, wild, and hilarious which is what I perceive as the true Jackson
but I just worry about the kid. Well anyway Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your families and eat lots of food lol ^.^
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Yeah and they're was another prank pulled on Jackson where he thought he was going to Hong Kong and they even brought him all the way to the airport, packed bags and everything, then his face when the cab started driving away just killed me because be keeps getting pranked like this and it's not funny when you miss your family
@luna1171 it's for ALL idols. When the holiday seasons come around they should be off to spend a couple of weeks way from fame and with family.
he's always been the one to try and smile a lot. he puts on fake smiles and keeps face. don't get me wrong, there are many times his smile is true. but sometimes it's easy to see that it's not real. part of this is probably cause he misses his family a lot. he needs our support and chances to see his loved ones often, instead of every blue moon. and I mean in person, not on like Skype or something
I thought i was the only one who noticed but good thing im not poor jackson i hope he's doing well and taking care of himself he's dorky, sexy, funny but he doesnt appear to be that way now a days Jackson Oppa Fighting!!
I have also. he just isn't the same anymore he's grown serious and doesn't smile a lot like he used or rather be weird around even off camera. and I worry about him. hope that there's nothing bad going on
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