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Yeah I'm bragging. But if anything it's possible to be in an amazing relationship and have them support your hobbies and obsessions. Merry Christmas Vinglers!!
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@frisky199123 do it. Lol. it's comfy too!
2 years ago·Reply
i bought my daughter a BTS Jimin one!
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@SharayahTodd awesome Mom! (I bought my kids anime stuff)
2 years ago·Reply
my foster daughter is almost 15 so we fangirl together.
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@SharayahTodd sweet! that's the best. my daughter and son like the music and variety shows. they're still young so they don't really fangirl/boy... except over anime. They cosplay, wear merch, have posters, and binge entire series. Lol. my husband fanboys with me hahaha but over the girl groups and gripes at kdramas with me lol.
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