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So I got tagged and here I am! Honestly, I love stuff like this so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tag me in all the things :Þ
Selfies! I have like no un-edited selfies because my face sucks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, my real name's Maddie but I prefer Mingi. I'm 15 and K-Pop is my life. Cats also.
Status? Mother of two 1-year-old baby childs named Cinnamon(the orange one) and Smoky(the grey and white one). I'm mentally dating like 200 guys, but I'm mentally married to Kevin (๑ > ڡ <).
Dream Crush? Kevin Woo from UKISS!!! He's so sweet and caring, and he's a megadork(but like megadork in like a loving way ya know). Do you see that first picture?! (๑˙╰╯˙๑) He also likes dogs so - - - - - - ^u^ hehe Ijust love him a l o t.
Romantic Moments? When I was in like 4th grade, I was friends with this guy I had a HUGE crush on and I asked him out one day and we only dated for a few weeks because my dad told me we were moving to Cincinnati. The day before I had to leave we hung out and I made him cereal and we just hung out all day. We even had "Our Song", it was Uprising by Muse. /)〃▽〃(\ Haha, pretty romantic. Ammirite XDD
What I look for in a guy? I dunno just be Kevin Woo - - - I like guys who smile a lot and I can be comfortable around. I like outgoing guys (like guys who can help me order stuff at restruants bc my anxiety wont let me). Guys who care a lot about their friends and family. Aand I guess that's it? (i dont really care about like gender and stuff like that tho)
Who do I tag? I KNOW LITERALLY NO ONE ㅠㅠ Uhm, you guys don't have to do this if you don't want, but: @nnatalieg @AimeeH @thePinkPrincess @Emealia @VixenViVi Also, anyone who sees this can do it too! (〃ノωノ)
aaaa thank youu (///▽///)(///▽///)
you're so pretty and you look good with kevin♡