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I saw a post made by @LilySilver about a BTS would you rather game. I thought I would do one a day for 19 days; just for fun! I could do them all at once but this will give me something to do and I really think it'd be cool if a bunch more people did it and made cards as well! So please join in ARMYs! ^_^ And feel free to tag me when you make 'em so I can see what people choose! Source of the original questions: dramatic-and-thematic on Tumblr!
Guess I made the picture a little big; my bad! But it's so cute; I had to use this picture!

Would I rather disappoint Jin or break J-Hope's Heart?

Sorry Jin, but I'll have to disappoint you. I couldn't stand to break Hobi's heart because I'd basically be breaking my own heart! Jin I owe you dinner if that will make it any better! Okay everyone! Make your own cards and join in the fun! Feel free to tag me in them!
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The terrible person in me wants to break Hobi's heart because that following mixtape would be A++++++ but I can't do it. Sorry Jin <3
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I'm going to have to disappoint Jin. I can't break hobi heart. If he cries I'll cry & we'll both end with broken hearts.
2 years ago·Reply
Yay I'm glad a bunch of yall will join in!
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I'm sorry but I would have to disappoint Jin. I can't stand to break hobi heart. Please tag me!!
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