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It smells like Christmas to me!! . . And I have been playing Santa all day but dont tell anyone okay, shhhh its a secret
And I was think about it and I was like, I hope I got everyone something they really wanted (I hate giving gifts but like giving gifts... it's fun but at the same time it makes me nervous!! I always assume they'll hate it lol) . . . . But this made me start thinking what does a person really want for Christmas. ...
Santa: what do you want for Christmas this year Me: A full MADE album... Santa: *wipes tear* me too
okay,okay for real though I'll be more realistic...
One G-Dragon please ♡♡
So guys did you make Santa's nice list and get what you wanted or were you naughty !!
Merry Christmas guys I hope you have the best one ever!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE♡♡♡
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i didnt get a single thing i wanted . . .
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in my personal opinion and experience some of us are afraid to give because of past reaction or rejection... my mom is to picky when it comes to gifts so I have to pay close attention to see what she needs or what caught her attention to be able impressed her... but really her thing is plants 🌱🌷🌸🌹🍀🌼🌻 life plants I never fail if I give her some😍 This Christmas I didn't give her anything 😦😱🙈🙈 my head hasn't been able to focus something is wrong with me....😔... Truth is just not the same with out my real brother.... a lot of people tell me move on get over it.... if only they truly understand how I feel 😔💔 There are moments where I have to snap back while I'm at work or random places I see something or hear something and he comes to my mind out talks our fights 😔this is my first Christmas without him 😔💔....that's why material stuff doesn't matter to me what matters are my people my love ones.... please whatever you do cherish the moment because when they are gone you will miss even fighting with them. .....
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I really want a full made album too @KwonOfAKind😁😢 but... I will make an exception with 1 jiyongie please😳😘
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I'll never get what I want. And it's not too much to ask for it, right. 7 adorable boys known as BTS.
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What is this 'Nice List' you speak of?
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