2 years ago500+ Views this fanfic is by far the best I have read.. I recommended like alot.. I would think that Jackson was really the author of this.. that's how good it was..
so just let me show you a little of the description and pairings. ..
and some of the comments.. and it just been post it.. So if you decide to read it come back to my card and tell me what you thought about it..
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@luna1171 thank you
2 years agoReply
@AaliyahNewbell ..No prolem..:-)
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This fanfic was so freaking adorable. I loved it. The way Jackson wrote sounds just like him and at the end where Mark wrote in it was priceless.
2 years agoReply
@SaraHanna ..I know that's why I loved it too..It sounds just like him..I am glad you liked it...there is another one is not complete tho..but I like it is called the only exception you can find it there too in that website..
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Ok I will look it up. Thank you. @luna1171
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