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#WeApologizeToBTS Although I myself didn't do anything as Army's if one person fucks up we all need to apologize to our idols. Our idols are human too and we fucked up big time. Calling BigHit and editing pictures of our idols in a negative way. 미안해 우리는 미안 오빠있어
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@NerukaWong omg why would that..... That's not even on topic XD imagine how Jongkook felt if he read the comments
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we as fans know they are good guys, that they wouldn't do something bad to taint their image, it could be haters that do this hurtful stuff.
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First off we don't know for sure a international fan made that Suga & Namjoon raise their middle fingers all the time so I don't see the problem
2 years ago·Reply
they used to read the comments on YouTube but they stopped when they saw so much sexualized stuff..... I mean, JungKook is 19 right now, they are too young....
2 years ago·Reply
@saraortiz2002 yea he's technically still a minor in Korea
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