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Honestly I don't care anymore. There are worse edits out there. Yoongi is badass anyway plus he does it on stage. I overreacted early and realized....who the fuck cares. And honestly why do international fans get blamed for everything? K-Armies act like they are so perfect sometimes and bash us when lowkey they probably make edits like this too (not saying all, please don't think that) I take by my original apology. Because Yoongi is fucking badass and always raises his middle finger just like Namjoon and because international fans aren't the only ones doing this!
@SarahVanDorn @ashleydj1oo @DesireeChucklez @CreeTheOtaku @Jiyongixoxo honestly at this point I could care less. Tbh it's just an edit and there are worse edits out there. Lowkey it's kinda hot cuz Yoongi looks badass but at the same time it's not okay tho because to the public eye (parents etc) he seems disrespectful. It gives them a bad look in public but honestly K-Armies have no room to talk because they aren't perfect but want to seem that way (not all of them but those who are bashing International fans)
I'm saying is there a possibility that its anti-armys? they are trying to make it worse for those that love and respect BTS....
@ashleydj1oo yea, I realised as the day went on, it doesn't matter and they can do what ever tf they want cuz they are badass and BTS 馃槀馃槀 idc anymore and I kind of overreacted cuz international fans are getting bashed and this added another thing to the list of things we do so horribly wrong馃槀
Namjoon & Suga raise their middle fingers all the time...that's why I don't understand why people making a big deal out of it
How do we know for sure a international fan did it
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