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ok fo Christmas I didn't expect my boyfriend to buy me all these I have more but tis is all I'm showin fo now I'm sooo happy~ I luv him so mch fo buy me these
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Ur very lucky. @taetaebaozi those types of bfs are rare
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@Mightmuffin Ik he always listens to me fan gurl over taehyung haha but he knows I luv him more thn anyone @DawanaMason awww but she's lucky she got baekhyun I wanted one like tat but I got a couple of taehyung shirts n sweaters n he told me their is more to come n I was j screamin kissin n huggin him like crazy haha n thnx so mch
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he is probably the best be ever.
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does your boyfriend have a brother?
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@KarlythePanda66 yes he does haha y??
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