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I was tagged by @thePinkPrincess and @Amandamuska
Dream Crush
Ok Taecyeon
Current Relationship Status:
Single as a door knob
Romantic Memory....
I've always been in long distance relationships and we didn't really have "romantic" anythings. So, none.
My Type:
Goofy, weird, muscular, funny, smart, talented, loves kids and animals, confident, and tall (lol) can be shy at times too.
Pics go Taecyeon, T.O.P, Jackson, and RapMon
Sorry if I missed anyone... If you haven't done this challenge yet, you are now officially tagged!! :D
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@JackieG1617 its called the Lovebug Challenge, you just tell some things about yoirself like: show your selfie, tell your dream crush, relationship status, romantic memory, and what your type of guy or girl is. it's just something fun to do for the holiday
@amandamuska thank you!
@CheyenneJessee ohhh ok! thankss
@CheyenneJessee your welcome
That makes 22 times I've been tagged XD I'll guess i will do it sometime next week :)