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my name is Akame...^^ up here, that's me..I'm a swordsman and I'm really serious when it comes to fighting..the sword up there ..that's called the aura sword aka. aura-chan...its a legendary sword only to be swung by its master, aura-chan can also talk but only to be heard by me...its master...other than me bieng a serious person at the battle field..I am a very sweet person I can also be very dumb and clumsy..I am really good at cooking and I love to do people favors to make them happy...well enough of me...I'd like to get to know u all and become great friends and maybe be able to join a league..well bye...( this was the closest female anime character I can find that looks similar to don't get mad if I stole ur girl or something)
thank @sanRico I'm not really that new..I just thought maybe I should introduce myself and get to know people
*Blushes real hard*
I love you too @Slimbrown13
its ok @sanRico 😊
Awww i love you @livingotakulife
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