Credit to @KatieRussell which is who I found this card from. I had a hard time with some of these, and some didn't even answer but that's okay! Have fun! 😉❤️
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1. disappoint Jin 2. redye V's hair 3. fight Suga (cuz he'll probably get super tired before u know it) 4. tell Jin he's not boring 5. fight J hope ( cuz V seems scary when angry) 6. dance off with Namjoon cuz my dance skills is horrifying too 7. kiss J hope duh! 8. punch Suga cuz we were fighting 9. take away Namjoon's jams 10. break J hope's cheek bones cuz hair is totes important 11. perform on stage with Jimin 12. Jungkook 13. Jikook as parents 14. Jimin 15. go to a carnival with V 16. Jungkook to a 1D concert 17. Jungkook 18. Jin 19. V