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Now I have a 24" to put by my bed and my surface to watch anime on as well plus my 47" to hook up also!! Slowly upgrading the anime dream world to reality!! Along with even more manga for Xmas too and a drafting table for drawing my manga for my room!! Anime is life!!
@Thatperson512 @Dlopez031113 thanks. Love anime and drawing manga so much this will help to upload and edit my drawings or just watch anime on a bigger screen so up close haha
Oooh ok that's dope awesome
@Dlopez031113 for drafting but I use it for drawing my manga its a table that the table top will lift up and angle so you can have it at like 45 degrees n such
Sorry ..... But what's a drafting table for said bangs ???? 🙄🙄
@Dlopez031113 same to you brother in arms and NAKAMA!! Can't wait for your 19 months to be over and have that freedom back haha. Always feels great!!
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