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Out of all the EXO songs that I've listen to my number one song is 'Baby Don't Cry' it's such a beautiful song, the melody is beautiful and the meaning behind the song is even more beautiful. Personally I didn't know the meaning behind the song was so deep. I tend to roam around on the comments when I'm just listening to my favorite kpop artist and I came across this one comment that caught my attention. I'm not sure if you guys knew this or not but if you don't seem to understand or know the meaning behind it here it is:
For those who doesnt undestand the meaning of the song;
“The inspiration of this song is The Little Mermaid written in 1837. When the little mermaid turns 15, she falls in love with a prince. She asks the Sea Witch to give her legs in exchange for her voice. She hopes the prince would marry her and suffers a lot of pain for him but fails. The prince decides to marry the neighboring king’s daughter. Before dawn the little mermaid’s sisters bring her a knife from the Sea Witch. If she kills the prince with the knife and lets his blood drip onto her feet, she will become a mermaid again. But when she stands in front of his bed, she can not bring herself to do that. When the sun rises, she throws herself into the sea and her body dissolves into foam. In the song ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, the prince doesnt sleep, he wakes up and asks her to kill him:: ‘Dont hesitate, please take my heart. Love is kind of light winkling. It is mercy to close my eyes in the moonlight. Suppose me as a stranger, or fancy yourself actor. What we say is just lines of an opera. Baby dont cry tonight. When the dawn lights the skies, it will be as if nothing ever happened. You will never dissolve into foam, for my love is with you forever. So, baby dont cry cry.’”
Now, after reading that comment it made the song so much more beautiful. It changes the way I listen to it now lol. I don't know about you guys but it changed the way I feel about it, now I'm probably going to cry when I listen to it from now on *sigh* no words can describe how beautiful this song is and how powerful the meaning behind it is
But take a listen and see if it changes the way you feel now, because I know it did for me dramatically.
I cried when I first heard this song
Omg I agree completely! At first I never really cared for EXO. I would enjoy the music if I happened upon it but I would never choose it. There were too many ppl which depersonalized the whole thing for me. Until I heard this song that is. Once I heard it I fell madly in love with it and started listening to more EXO. Now I love EXO and this song is still my favorite of theirs. Heck it's one of my favorite Kpop songs in general. It is absolutely beautiful and fills me with so many emotions every time I hear it. It was also the first song I bothered to learn all the words to so I could really sing along. It is just amazing!
This song is just pure amazingness and beautiful!! <3 One of my favorite songs by exo!!
@Tigerlily84 Yes! I love this song
this is my fave as well. I play it on repeat several times just cuz its awesome
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