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I just published "Chapter 7" of my story "Yuki: The Carrier".
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but I.thought I would give this story a try I read this person story and it was so good.that I wanted to do something like her/his but with out idols lol
@BoodaWhite thanks for advice also this is my first real story I guess but thanks never know when you going to.get advice thanks
I can get that but you must try to lead the audience, not push them in you direction. if you leave more leeway the story will come out more organically
@BoodaWhite that's one thing I have a hard time doing. I have a little problem with my writing. like what I say in my head is what I should put down but bc I have something wrong with my reading and writing it's hard me for. But thanks for the advice I just try to do it where you feel as if you are there as if you and that's person was talking and he told you his life story. and I know the beginning started off rough bc I didn't know how to start it off but when I kept writing it's just started to just come out that
but its weird how my mind works once I write a story like this the next one will be better but thank you I would love to hear more of your advice