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1. He made his debut at 17 with the ballad, "The Dream Of A Moth." The song was about a young man falling in love with an older woman and earned him a best newcomer award. He first appeared on the stage to perform the song "You're My Woman," which was written by Psy. 2. His hobbies are photography, listening to music and playing soccer. His talent is fencing, which comes in handy when he's playing the lead in a saeguk. 3. He falls in love easily. "I'm the type that falls in love at first sight. I look more carefully after falling in love," said Lee. "Looks are definitely important. According to my standards, she needs to be pretty." But the definition of what his ideal type is changes all the time. He has admitted to being impressed by Ha Ji Won, who he worked with in "King2Hearts" and Girls Generation's Yoona. And yet, his crushes have not led to many dates since his career began. He might fall in love but it has been hard to act on his feelings. "Of course, there are a few girls whom I like, have feelings for," said Lee. "But it's too difficult. There's a lot of pressure. I'm afraid of people finding out." 4. Rumors are a problem for him. "The amount of rumors on the Internet about me is no joke," said Lee. "There are some that are embarrassing to even say. You know that saying, 'There's smoke without a fire?' Sometimes, people just enjoy creating their own fires." 5. His squeaky-clean image is well deserved and he works hard at maintaining it. He doesn't go to clubs. If he drinks, it's at a restaurant near his home and he sticks to less than two bottles of soju. Because otherwise, he says, he might say or do something he regrets. If his ranking as most popular male celebrity is any indication, he has so far done nothing to regret.
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Wow I like such a people ....good luck lee song ki. Keep on with your clear image