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Singer Baek Ji Young & Actor Jung Suk Won are getting married this June!
Singer Baek Ji Young, 37, and her boyfriend actor Jung Suk Won, 27, are marrying this June after 2 years of dating! Jung Suk Won’s agency Polaris Entertainment announced on the 18th, “Famous celebrity couple Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young are getting married. The final date and wedding hall have yet to be confirmed.” According to an insider, the couple started talking about marriage earlier this year. They both decided on June, which is when Jung Suk Won wraps up filming the movie ‘N.L.L.-Battle of Yeonpyeong‘. Congratulations to both of them! P.S. I'm so sad he is gonna be off the market lol! i loved him in "Rooftop Prince!" Also she is serious cougar!
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Oh, really?! I had no idea they were getting married. He is delicious. I loved him in Hauendae Lovers.
@YinofYang : Hey yin tks for the heads up on Hauendae Lovers. will definitely check it out. Am now stuck wz Arang. Love SMA and LJK but the plot is damn slow. Urrgghh!