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Nabi could hear the movement of feet outside her tent as everyone was getting ready for bed. She had just gotten all of her blankets and pillows fixed where she wanted them. There was a hand on her tent door.
“Uh noona can I open this?”
“Yea sure I’m decent.” The zipper went up then Kookie’s head popped into her tent. He spoke softly making sure the others couldn’t here.
“Uh do you think you could let me sleep in your tent with you?”
“You know they won’t let you do that they’ll kick you out even if I say yes.”
“But I have to share a tent with Yoongi……noooooooonaaaaaaa.” She tried her best not to laugh at the way he was acting but she completely understood.
“Why are you bothering her right now? You’re supposed to be in the tent already maknae.” Kookie pulled his head out hand tightening on the tent flap.
“Uh I was just worried about noona. She is the only one who is in a tent all by herself. I thought she might be scared so I was offering to stay in her tent with her if she was to scared.”
“Well if she’s scared I can just stay in the tent with her. If you’re scared too you can go sleep between Jin and Namjoon.”
“Uh well she didn’t give me an answer yet so I don’t know….” Kookie’s head was pulled back into the tent by none other than Yoongi. Her eyes got big trying not to make any note of the panic on Jungkook’s face at being so close to his hyung.
“So what is it Nabi? Are you scared and need someone in your tent with you?”
“Ah I…. I am a little but I’ll be fine you guys are close.” She looked down. She wanted to help Jungkook out of his predicament but Yoongi had ruined it.
“You’re bad at lying I can see how worried you are. I’ll sleep in here with you so that you don’t worry and can sleep.”
“Ah well it’s fine if Jungkook stays in the tent.”
“I was going to send him to mom and dad’s tent.”
“Ah……… both”
“You both can be in my tent, it’s big enough and that way no one is left out.”
“Well you heard her let’s go get out stuff. I’m in the middle so don’t even try to fight with me on that.” They came back shortly with pillows and a blanket each for them. She tried to stay in the middle but was scooted to the side and Jungkook to the other. Yoongi made himself comfy in between the both of them sighing in content.
‘This is going to be a long night’ Jungkook and Nabi thought to themselves.
View more comments like I literally fell asleep like 10 min before you posted this and I'm like wtf it's 230 am now and I have no desire to go back to sleep..... lol @SugaOnTop you just made my day
Well you have three of them today you're welcome
gave me life today lol
@SugaOnTop Omg Nabi... Suga is omg... Lol I still love my TaeTae though... But I hope this thing that story Nabi and Kookie have for Suga doesn't get between their friendship...
😂 Suga lol