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Natsu has stood up.. Igneel had taught him to stand up and never let sadness get into him.. Natsu and Happy had went to train and come back after a year. Go watch at
@AimmnAZ- Don't mind if I do! cx So glad I saw this post because I was like, “Dangit... I really wanted to talk to someone about this but none of my friends are caught up with the anime!" c'x Love your profile pic btw! Alright- let's get straight down to it! So it's Christmas... happy, fun, spirited... Then I watch this episode and bam!!! All my feels are dead!! Natsu is my favorite character and my only fictional crush, and when he started crying in the previous episode, I was sad that his tears meant nothing to me. But after watching this... I felt a big hole in my heart and already I felt like this episode was more than enough feelz for me. But nooo, Hiro Mashima wasn't through yet. Gray crying the way he did? My heart melted! My sister, who loves Gray, was shocked herself, and both of us had to pause the episode to just take it all in XD The Jerza was okay but eh, didn't really mean much to me. Although while I was watching the Jerza scene, I felt like this was honestly a new beginning for Fairy Tail... like the beginning of the end. I know it kinda is, but the fact that it felt that way really makes me sad... This past year Fairy Tail has been all I can think about practically x3 Anyways, then the Mest bit? At first I was like, “I knew it... I knew Mest would become important someday because he keeps returning in the anime!" and then I was like “aw hell no you did NOT just put his Fairy Tail insignia where Natsu's is and in the same color! Couldn't tell if I was happy or sad at that point xP But I really didn't like the fact that Natsu was leaving to go train with Happy. I had actually expected this to happen because of spoilers... but I didn't think Natsu would do it like that... Where he basically just abandoned all his friends at the guild. Honestly... Even if Natsu misses them and thinks it will help his friends in the future... I don't feel he should just ditch them all like that! They should all train together instead! Though I did enjoy the fact that Lucy was crying over Natsu and Happy's leave <: Seems we not only get Gruvia and Jerza in this episode, but Nalu too! <333 (Nalu is my OTP BTW!!! =D ) At this point I was like, thank you Hiro Mashima for killing all of my FEELZ. BUT YA KNOW WHAT? It didn't even end there!!! If you watched through the ending, you would've seen where Zeref admitted that Natsu was END. Like are you kidding me???? I had been thinking and anticipating throughout the Tartaros arc that it would be revealed. I was expecting it to be revealed in the middle of an arc where it was climaxing and spiraling to a new turn of events! But noooo, it had to be put smack dab in the end of an episode that had already long wiped out my feelz! xD Either way, I can't complain about this episode. It's definitely by far my favorite. I loved it way too much and I doubt I'm going to get any sleep over it. My heart is still confused with all these new feels... Sorry that was a lot... Just had to get it out of my system <x If you have anything you want to share about the episode, please do because I genuinely want to hear it! I need to let out my feelz with somebody!!!
@AimmnAZ the feels were real af. I knew what was coming but still. 😭😭😭
Let me know your thoughts about this episode!
@Nightcore Well I'm a 15 year old boy and I count Fairy Tail over anything. In this episode and the last episode I kinda cried because it's the first time I've seen Natsu like that when I'm used to him being all strong. I was sad in this episode but the last episode I really cried. Anyways, in this episode he went training with Happy because he promised his dad (Igneel) that he will defeat Achnolgia. (Thanks for liking my profile pic). The only thing that I am worried about is that Fairy Tail's master is ending Fairy Tail. I don't know how but the reason was because he said everyone chose his own way. Anyways, Fairy Tail is my favorite anime of all time and I don't think I can find any other anime that can beat it. Natsu Dragneel, the son of the king of the Fire dragons, will defeat Achnolgia and I could bet on it. Oh yeah, Happy will come back stronger too lol. (I don't read the Manga because if I read I will know what will happen and I will know everything. I want everything to be a suprise)