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She slowly drifted back into consciousness her eyes not opening yet but taking in everything in her tent. Nabi remembered that Jungkook and Yoongi had joined her in her tent last night. She could feel a body pressed against her back noting the arm draped over her middle. She could also feel a hand on her butt though the palm wasn’t facing towards her so it wasn’t so bad. Wait what was the hand grabbing if it wasn’t her. She heard a soft whimper and froze eyes opening.
Nabi dared a glance back but noticed both of the boys sound asleep. Yoongi was pressed against her back holding onto her while Kookie was attached to Yoongi in a similar manner. Does that mean that hand belongs to Kookie? She followed his arm as far as she could see without moving and yep it was him. There was another soft whimper but this time it was accompanied by some movement on Jungkook’s part. His moving caused Yoongi to move towards her and she could feel the hand push into her butt.
The movements were becoming more frequent from the both of them now both of them making noises. Jungkook whimpering and Yoongi grunting. There was some part of her that was enjoying what was going on because of how Yoongi pressing against her but she knew she had to stop them before Yoongi woke up and Jungkook made an embarrassment out of himself. She managed to work herself into rolling over despite Yoongi now holding onto her like she was going to get up.
Reaching her hand over she carefully grabbed Jungkook’s nose squeezing so he would stop breathing. He snorted before gasping in a breath. Opening his eyes, he could see what was happening while you all slept. Quickly you put a finger over his lips mouthing for him to be still. Noting that he was paying attention you motioned him back mouthing slowly to him. He inched back slowly pulling his arm out from in between the two of you. Once he was far enough away you decided to get Yoongi off of you.
“Yoongi.” Nabi called his name softly as to not wake him to violently. She was rewarded with a face in her neck followed by sweet little kisses to the sensitive area. Biting her lip, she was glad Kookie couldn’t see what the other boy was doing. She knew it would break his heart a little and she couldn’t have him giving up before the challenge even started.
“Yoongi.” It was firmer this time as she gave him a small shake. He groaned shifting a little; eyelashes fluttering against her neck. He was calm for a moment and in the blink of an eye he was pulling back away from her and exiting the tent excusing himself to go to the bathroom. She wanted to make a noise stating her displeasure that his warm body was no longer against hers but she would have to deal for now.
“Well what was that all about?” Kookie asked clearly confused.
“Um I don’t know it might have had to do with the fact that when I woke up a bit ago you were humping him and had your hand on his crotch. Just be glad I woke you up before you managed to wake him up.” She said in a hissing whisper. The look of horror on Jungkook’s face was priceless almost enough to laugh but she knew this was serious.
“I can’t believe I…. If we had stayed just us in that tent last night. I could have died. Oh Nabi….” He moved closer to her pulling her into a tight hug and resting his head on her chest.
“I love you so much.” Just as those words left his lips the tent flap moved back and Yoongi was just froze looking at them the words ringing in his head. He scoffed and yanked the flap back closed.
she is such a good noona. But poor kookie and suga
@SugaOnTop Aish!!! Nabi you are killing me here...
ah the misunderstandings Lol so funny. I would love to have suga nuzzle me like that *sigh*