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Day 1: Disappoint Jin or Break J-Hope's heart?

Uhm! Well for one, let me just say that it's a cruel world, but J-Hope comes first. Sorry Jin. But I love Hobi and would never be able to break his heart. Jin, I still love you, but Hobi is and always be #1.
Not sure who to tag, I'm pretty sure there's a lot who have been tagged already, but if not and you come across my card, then SURPRISE! & MERRY CHRISTMAS: THIS IS YOUR PRESENT FROM ME!! Thank you @ChelseaJay @amandamuska
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@ChelseaJay Haha well see there would be none of that for Jin and I, But I completely understand you!
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your welcome @AimeeH and nice card
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@amandamuska Thank you dear C:
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I'd disappoint Jin
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