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“Damn it…. fuk fuk fuk…...YOONGI!” She quickly pushed Jungkook off of her and rushed out of the tent motioning for Kookie to stay put while she followed Yoongi into their tent.
“Yoongi please you always come at the wrong moments. Please don’t misunderstand.”
“I told you I can’t be blind forever Nabi. What do you not want me to see this time? Him on top of you or maybe that he said he loved you.”
“If I tell you why he said that you’ll only get mad at him.”
“Because he’s with you?”
“No…. uhg this is so hard I can’t really tell you. He should but I might not have a-” Her words were quickly cut off when she felt a hand on the back of her head and his soft lips against hers. She could feel his arm wrap around her pulling her closer to his warm body. His lips were moving gently over hers but there was a hint of desperation in his kiss. She put her hands on his chest pushing away far enough to break the kiss so she could talk.
“He was like that because I saved him from an embarrassing moment this morning.”
“Shhh I don’t even care about that right now. I just want to be with you right now even if it’s the only moment I get. I want to revel in that you and I are here alone for now. Just let me kiss you please, I don’t care if he gets to keep you I just want right now.” In an instant his lips were back on hers both of his arms wrapped around her not letting her go. His skin felt like fire where it touched hers. She wanted this moment so bad but she knew if Kookie disobeyed her and came after them that he would be crushed. His hands were roaming over her back one going back to the back of her head as he pressed his lips harder against hers. She tried her best to hold in any noises her body was trying to make. Nabi’s body was trying so hard to betray her; it felt like all of her senses were on fire. She couldn’t help but let out a gasp when she felt his hand on her rear pulling their hips together. He took the opportunity to let his tongue explore the inside of her mouth. She was slowly getting lost in the feeling of him her fingers curling into his shirt. She could feel his racing heart beat under her hand just before she pushed him back again. This time moving out of his reach.
“Jungkook likes you. I’m not with him this whole time we were trying to figure out how he could tell you. Whenever he would hug me or tell me he loves me was because I was being a good older sister and comforting him.”
“But I though you liked me.”
“My little brother likes you and as the good older sister I am I’ll do everything I can to make sure he’s happy and that he at least has a chance to try. Please don’t assume anything anymore and just look at us as we are.”
“I…. I didn’t…. how can he…. when did he…”
“The bully’s I told you about from school. It’s because he loves a man. If you want to do anything for me if you feel anything for me, you’ll set things right and protect him. It’s because of you that he’s going through all this pain and confusion.”
“Nabi…” He had no chance to get anymore words out because she had already left the tent.
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Oh man oh man ohhhhhh Jesus so many feels awesome way to start the day!!!!!!!
@VeronicaArtino hope away
@SugaOnTop Nabi you are killi... Koko-chan is dead...
Yep, I died. Just as I promised myself I would.
oh the suga feels ㅠㅠ I'm dead Lol