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Actor Han Jae Suk and actress Park Sol Mi will be getting married later this month and unveiled their l pre-wedding pictorial! Park Sol Mi looks gorg as she wore three different wedding dresses, especially since her last fixed appearance on the small screen was through ‘Laws of the Jungle‘s Amazon edition'. In ‘Laws of the Jungle‘s Amazon edition' Sol Mi, like all the other celebrity participants are on an island covered in dirt and grime so this is a serious change! Han Jae Suk, whom you may recognize from the drama ‘Oohlala Couple‘, also looked like the prince charming every woman dreams of in his suit and tie , and even played the role by putting Park Sol Mi’s white high heels on for her. Han Jae Suk and Parl Sol Mi will be holding their wedding ceremony on the 21st!
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Wow, what a beautiful couple.