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Sadly it's not his song, I hope not to ruin your (j)hope, I feel you there on that though, I've looked for his song on spotify so many times it's not funny any more... But uhh any who I stumbled on this playlist and I had a moment of excitement plus it's an awesome playlist, it's got every thing from; BTS, Big Bang, Exo, iKon, Red Velvet and it even has a song from Skrillex and a song from Fall Out Boy. I think this playlist may be my obsession for the next little while and give my BTS playlist a break for a while(I listen to them way to much probably...). In all honesty though I have no idea it of really is him or not, it would be super cool if it was(this playlist came out on the 20th so like a day before the song was released(this is my main suspicion as to why it may be him)) but as far as I know access to spotify in Korea is pretty limited and you have to go the a VPN from what I've read online. Anyways I thought it was interesting so I figured I'd share it with you guys. :)
@TracyLynnn Yeah, I saw it but I want the whole shabam! Yeah, but that's someone's collection name
@KpopGaby I know Fantastic by Rap Monster is on spotify. I seriously wish more of his songs where on there and that 1 verse was on there too.
I was looking for it today as well. I was hoping J-Hope and Rap Monster's mixtape would be in there, but nope. So devastated