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"YAH! DON'T TOUCH THAT!" I yelled as Chen was about to touch an ornament from the tree. I learned to not let him touch any of them after he broke three of them. "Sehun stop shaking your present and put it back under the tree young man." "Chanyeol! Don't touch that your going to get bur-" "Ouch!" He yelled as he touched the cup of coffee. Xiumin rolled his eyes and grabbed Chanyeols hand and put it under the sink. "Luhan! Kris! Put that football down before I put you both down!" They looked at me with big eyes and Kris threw the ball but Luhan dodged it and it hit the back of someone smaller. Kyungsoo turned, his eyes wide and furious. He looked down at the ball then looked back up at the giants. He slowly made their way towards the two boys. He grabbed Luhan by the ear with his left hand and then grabbed Kris by the ear with his other hand. I took a picture of the moment and giggled. Kyungsoo took the boys outside. I looked back at the boys. "Kai, don't bother Tao when he's asleep- is that a marker in your hand? I swear. Sto-" Too late. Kai was drawing on Taos' sleeping face. "Baekhyun! Don't eat those cookies! I swear I will fight you! Put them down!" Baekhyun looked at me as if challenging. I glared back at him. "Okay." He stood up straight and walked away. Suddenly he turned and grabbed one more cookie and ran off. Before I could go after him there was a knock at the door. I walked towards it and Lay was standing there- I sighed. "Lay, sweety, what are you doing?" I asked. "I'm the Christmas tree!" He said with a stupid wide grin on his face. He walked in and saw the chaos going on inside. He looked back at me and smiled then winked. I was about to close the door when a foot stopped me. I looked at the person and saw that it was Kyungsoo and the two boys. They both had red marks everywhere. I opened the door more and they came inside. "Sehun! Chen! Stop shaking the presents!" "SUHO! WHERE THE HE-" Someone did the 'bleep' sound to censor a bad word-"ARE YOU?" I exclaimed. Suho was in the kitchen cooking and came running in the moment he heard me. His eyes widened as he saw what the boys are doing. "Yah! Kids! Listen to Y/N!" He yelled. No one listened. "IF YOU ALL DON'T LISTEN YOU'RE NOT OPENING YOUR PRESENTS-" I looked at Sehun and Chen- "YOU'RE NOT DRINKING YOUR COFFEE-" I looked at Xiumin and Chanyeol- "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO EVER SEE YOUR FOOTBALL AGAIN- "I looked at Kris and Luhan- "YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE TAO ALONE-" I looked at Kai- "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO EAT COOKIES-" I looked at Baekhyun- "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE THE CHRISTMAS TREE-" I looked at Lay- "AND SUHO IS NOT GOING TO COOK FOR YOU IF YOU KEEP THIS UP." I yelled. They immediately stopped what they were doing and sat down on the couches, I sighed. Finally. Suho asked for help from the kitchen. Chen and I got up and walked to the kitchen and we helped set the table/put down the foods that were made. "Boys!" I yelled out once everyone was ready. They came running in and started eating even before doing a prayer. I smiled and joined them in eating. After eating we all went back into the living room and sat down. "This year we're doing something different. I want you guys to think deep and tell what you acknowledge about another person in the room. Okay? Who wants to start?" Suho informed. Chanyeol raised his hand. "I want to say something to Suho. Suho, you take care of us like my mother would. You made me feel welcomed when I met you guys, even though I already knew Sehun. The fact that you treat us like we're worth so much more than gold, is well gold. I mean thank you so much. You're the best!" Chanyeol did a heart sign and smiled his goofy grin at a crying Suho. Suho got up and walked towards Chanyeol who engulfed him in a hug. After everyone's confession, it was soon my turn. "I don't have anything specified for only one individual, so I'd like to say it to everyone here." I took a deep breath and continued, "First I'd like to start off as, thank you for coming into my life. When I first met you guys, I wasn't expecting a big impact. I wasn't expecting tears, laughter, sadness, happiness, anger, so much more emotions that other people couldn't make me feel. I remember so many things, from Taos' fangirling to Kris's beautiful image. From Kyungsoo being scary yet can be like a cute 'ol marshmallow to Luhan being a manly man afraid of heights. You know I'm so happy you guys came into my life. I love you guys so much. I may not know what the future may hold but I do know that We'll be together. Because when we're together... We're at home." I looked at the boys, some were crying. My eyes started stinging but I pushed back the tears. "WE LOVE YOU!" they exclaimed. They got up from the couches and huddled around me as they hugged me. "I love you guys too!" ~~~ The night passed and the boys, with opened presents and touched hearts slept as one girl looked up at the sky, wondering if this is even true.
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