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Kihyun- At First Snow.

To- im_a_V_girl_BTS
KIHYUN'S POV: "Why hasn't it snowed yet?!? We need snow!! It's not Christmas without snow!" My best friend, Chaeyoung, yelled while staring out the window. We were making Christmas cookies for my grandparents and she got side-tracked.....again. "Really, Chaeyoung? We went over this. It's very unlikely for snow to fall this year." I tell her; hating to be the bearer of bad news. "I know...but one can hope, can't they?" She says. I nod and continue putting the cookies in the oven. I closed it and looked at Chaeyoung as she gazed out the window. I sighed to myself and bit my bottom lip as I looked at her beautiful features. She looked sad. I hate it when she's sad. Chaeyoung and I have been best friends since our childhood and we were known as twins because we never seperated. And...I think the lack of seperation is what caused my crush on her...I don't know. I just started noticing these feelings. I have had them bottled for so long....but now I'm not denying my feelings. I know I like her and I'm not afraid to admit it to myself. Now if only I could tell her.... I shake my head and look down. She will never see me as more than a friend. I sigh again and jump slightly at the sound of the oven timer beeping. The cookies are already done? I must have been looking at her for a while. I put on my oven mitts and take the tray out of the oven. I start plating the cookies. "Should I help?" I hear Chaeyoung ask, I look over and gasp at just how close she is standing next to me. "Are you okay?" She asks. "Uh..Yeah. I'm good." I nod and look back at the tray, my face blazing red. "You don't have to help, I'm already done. All we have to do is visit my grand parents and give these to them." I say, putting plastic wrap over the plate. "Alright. I'll start putting on my coat." She says before running to the coat rack. I exhale when she leaves and pick up the plate, following her. I place the cookies down and put on my coat and gloves also. "Lets go!" She shouts happily. "Okay. Okay. No need to yell." I tell her. "I didn't, I shouted." She points out. "Oh. Well, excuse me." I say sarcastically. She pushes me playfully. I smile and we start walking to my grandparents house. We chat animatedly as we walk. I laugh at how cute she is. We finally arrive at their house. YOUR POV: When we arrive at Kihyun's grandma's house, he rings the doorbell. I hear shuffling inside. An older woman answers the door. "KIHYUNIE~~" His grandma muses happily. She hugs him and he hugs back. "Hi, Halmeoni!" He smiles. I love his smile. He seems to brighten whenever it comes to his grandparents. "Where's Hal-beoji?" He asks. "He's just in the den." She notices me. "Chaeyoung-sshi!! How are you?" The elder woman took me in her arms. For an elderly woman, she is quite strong. But she's so sweet, I love her. She's like my grandmother. "Halmeoni!! I'm good. How are you?" I ask her, hugging her back. "I've been good. I have taken your advice about using honey in my face mask. It seems to be working. My skin has grown quite smooth." She touches her cheeks. "I can see. You did look younger." I muse. "Aww~ You're so sweet, Chaeyoung-sshi! two must be cold. Come in, come in." Halmeoni moves to the side and let's us in. She fetches house slippers for us as we take off our boots. After removing our shoes, she leads us into the den. I see Hal-beoji sitting in front of the television with a cup of coffee in his hand. "Hal-beoji?" Kihyun says. He looks up and his eyes brighten. "Kihyun!" Hal-beoji starts to stand up. Kihyun places the cookies on the coffee table and walks to help him. "Thank you, Kihyun." He smiles. "My legs don't seen to work like the used to but I can't still get around." "Are you still in pain? Is that pain in your knee still there?" Kihyun asks. "It has subsided a bit but it comes back sometimes. Don't worry Kihyun. I should be asking you how you've been. What new?" Hal-beoji asks. "I've been good." Kihyun nods. "What about....your issue?" Hal-beoji asks. I get confused. What problem? Halmeoni comes up behind me and takes my shoulders in her hands. "Honey? Can you help me in the kitchen?" She asks. I nod and pick up the plate. We both walk into the kitchen.. 'But...what was his problem?' I wondered. KIHYUN'S POV: "'s still there." I told my grandfather. "Why won't you just tell her how you feel?" He asks me. "Well, what if she rejects me and it ruins our friendship?" I sit across from him "Hal-beoji.....I don't think I can handle losing her as my best friend." I tell him. He places a wrinkled hand on my knee and looks me in the eyes. "She wouldn't let something like that ruin your friendship. You two have been through so much together." He says. "Really?" I ask. "Of course. Kihyun....I'm sure she loves you too. You have to tell her. You can't live with this forever. What if she finds someone else? You will live miserably for the rest of your life. That's not healthy...please, for your sake. Tell her." He pleads. I nod and he smiles. He pets my hair. "That's my boy." He jokes. YOUR POV: Halmeoni and I were in the kitchen, preparing dinner when Kihyun walked around the corner. "Hi, Kihyunie." Halmeoni said, adding onions to the pot. "Hi. Uh...Chaeyoung? Can I talk to you?" He asks. I look at Halmeoni. Shs gives me a dismissive hand signifiying I can go. I nod and dry off my hands. He takes my hand and starts to lead me outside. I follow him. "So what was it that you wanted to tell me?" I ask as the cold air starts nipping at my arms. "Uh...I just wanted to tell you that uhh...." He starts, gulping slightly. "Yes?" I look up at him. I noticed a faint blush make its way to his cheeks. He's so cute. "I wanted to say...." He sighs. "You know what...forget it." He kisses me. I gasp slightly and reel back slightly. His hand goes to my back and pulls me forward, his other hand grabbing mine. My eyes flutter closed and I kiss him back. We pull apart and I look him in the eyes. "I love you...I always have. I just never thought you would feel the same because...we have been friends for so long and I thought it would be awkward." He looks away. "I love you too..." I mutter. He looks up at me, awe-struck. "Really?" He asks. "Of course. I have for a while." I tell him, squeezing his hand that was holding mine. I felt something soft hit my nose. I look up and see snowflakes fluttering down.... "It's snowing...." I hear Kihyun mutter. I laugh..."Heh...I guess today is full of suprises." He looks back down at me. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asks. I look up at him. "I would love too." I reply, watching the snowflakes gather in his hair.
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