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Heyooo peoples!!! So I got tagged to do the Lovebug Challenge and so here it is!!!! XD ( I am not really that interesting though... lol)
WOOO Selfie!!! I never take selfies so this is the only one I have.... Don't judge me!
My Dream Crush is obviously my Chanyeolie.... He kills me on a daily basis...
Currently, and since the dawn of time, I have been alone and therefore I am as single as a door knob....
Therefore, I don't have any romantic memories....*goes and cries in a corner...*
Anywho, my ideal type of guy is someone who is funny, outgoing, can handle my craziness and kpop addiction, and just someone who will love me for who I am!!! XD Thanks guys and I hope this enlightened you into the sad life of me!!! XD
you know my ideal type is pretty much my ideal type
lol "single as a door knob" 😂😂👌