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OMG Jimin and V!!


Yall out there saying Jimin innocent. I knew all along he was a freak. I mean how can you pump ya hips like that a be innocent minded. I have the proof! These are clips from Fancafe.
Hahaha haha hahaha CTFU! JIMIN now I know you grown for real...get at me! LOL Jimin got that boss look on his face. With all that aside. They are super funny!


in my scorpion voice lol
@LenaBlackRose I went online to join the fancafe and I can see why you were confused. it's all in Korean plus they are kinda mean when it comes to asking for help forums. I found one that basically said don't reply in English no English. Basically it said translate on ur own and don't ask ppl on the site to translate. I wonder if someone who is awesome can make an international English fancafe
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@LenaBlackRose @amobigbang can some one explain for me what is it "fancafe"?? 馃槃 And where I can install it or found it??? :))
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@LenaBlackRose yeah I think it really for their Korean base fans or fans who are fluent in Korean.
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@amobigbang *sigh* I would love to be part of the Fancafe but I can't understand it 馃槩馃槩馃槩
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lmfao. speaking of facafe how come it can't be translated to English? cause I keep getting Twitter notifications from BTS about it but it's in korean (unsurprisingly )
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