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So, as the awesome older brother I am, I mess with my 5 year old brother a lot. My most recent, and longest held endeavor, is my little brother now thinks that I am Deadpool. Other older siblings before have asked me how I achieved this accomplishment, and I will now share it with the world! I am part of a group that puts community events together at my local library. So naturally, I've gotten pretty close with the librarian, and especially her son because he's also in scouts with me. There was a big meet Spider-Man event, the librarians son was the guy in the suit. So I told my brother that Spider-Man was only there because of me. When asked why, I told him, I am Deadpool (who he's obsessed with, maybe not the best hero for a 5 year old but oh well). He didn't believe me, his own brother, and rarely does (i cri ery time). So before the event I told my friend to call me Deadpool during it, and he happily did. So now my brother fully and wholly believes I am The Merc With a Mouth. Thats my story, what about yours? Ever made a sibling think you were famous or anything?
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@JakeErter My siblings are 3 to 5 years older then me... Like I also said I was so gullible when I was a kid it wasn't even funny. 馃槀馃槀 The worst thing I ever really did as a kid was drawing on they're faces with marker and the whipped cream/shaving cream pranks. My sister and her best friend also use to draw mustaches on all of us while we where asleep at sleep overs and say that it was the mustache fairy. 馃槀
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That's so cool. I haven't been able to trick my sisters in that way, 1 is still a baby, the other just really looks up to me, and the last one is too old(1 year younger than me.)
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Lol I'd love to see how long you can pull this one
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@shannonl5 I'll tell you when/if he stops believeing it
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I'm an only child 馃様
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