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Not many people I discuss the Dragon Ball series with even remember her, I can't really say I'm a fan... But when I was little and watched her fight against Nam in the 21st tournament it was one of the first time I ever saw a female strip in the midst of a fight.. haha, can't lie.. I was intrigued. :p
She was a bit of a whiner and tried to use her body and the fact she was a female to her advantage.
The only fighting ability I can even remember myself is her little heat fist maneuver. I think thats what it was referred to as anyway.
As an okay martial artist she managed to make it farther in the tournament than I thought she would, but in the end she had to rely on her tricks to try and pull off a victory.
I never expected this considering I was like 7 or 8 the first time I watched this. haha
The initial effect seemed to work...
...and she even almost knocked Nam out of the ring...
But when everything was said and done, she ran out of tricks and ended up losing the match.
Well I just thought I'd write a little about her because she is yet another hardly ever remembered member of the series and I still get a laugh out of watching this fight. So I ask you all this... Who of you remembers Ranfan??? ^_^ Thanks for reading.
yeah I remember
I remember her! Haha Remember her mostly cuz I liked Nam though lol