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Reminder I don't own any of this stories although I wish I could write like her >_ Credit to suga -of-daegu Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
What should have scared you was the fact that he seemed too at ease speaking to you. His hands, eager to grab at yours, were always dry, not clammy. Confidence rolled off him in droves and stupid you had assumed that it was just an ‘Oppa thing’. When you two first made eye contact you quickly looked away in nervousness. It was a normal reaction when noticing that someone you thought attractive had their gaze on you. You’d never know, but his gaze hadn’t wavered in the slightest. He was too smooth, too practiced, and overall too calm. There’s always a certain level of nervousness when interacting with someone for the first time; Jimin didn’t have that. It was almost like he’s always known you. You thought that was endearing, but if you’re that relaxed, how could you possible be infatuated with another person? You liked Jimin, it was obvious without even saying it. Now, did he like you? He said so, but was it easy to see? Unfortunately, you were completely head over heels and was too nervous to properly process his sedated attitude towards you. So now, after five months as his girlfriend, you had a sour feeling watching him be reduced to a stuttering mess talking to her.
It was a rare occasion that you were granted access to the backstage preparations for a BTS event; today it was a photo shoot. Currently, the members and staff were on lunch and the entirety of people were packed in the warehouse’s makeshift cafeteria. Lined with tables and chairs, a little buffet area was set up in the corner. Seated at a random table with a bottle of water, you quietly watched your boyfriend nervously chatter with some girl by the drink station. You had no idea who she was or how her and Jimin started talking. One moment, he was kissing your cheek murmuring something about tea and the next he was across the room blushing behind his hands, tongue twisting in his mouth. An embarrassed Jimin was always a cute one in your eyes, but this embarrassment was different. It reminded you of yourself when you first met him. You thought he was so cute, you could barely look at him. He was calm, a soft smile on his lips, but even in your flustered state you knew he was aiming for something. The two of you started dating shortly after so, presumably, he found what he was looking for. Watching them was like deja vu, with Jimin as you and that girl as him. Her grin was sedated, voice soft as she coaxed answers from his stuttering lips. Jimin kept rubbing his neck, hands shaking as he shoved them back into his pant’s pocket. His face brightening whenever he could draw a laugh from her. You felt sick.
Fingers trembling with anxiety, you were unable look away but also unable to interrupt as your boyfriend made a fool of himself trying to keep the girl’s attention. Forcing your way into conversations wasn’t your personality. Your utter trust in Jimin and his integrity was one of the few things you prided. Countless friends had moaned about their suspicions of their boyfriends, and you proudly boasted that Jimin wasn’t like that. He didn’t look, didn’t stray, he never even joked that way. Of course, it was a two way street and he expected the same from you. That’s where Jungkook came in. Honestly, Jungkook was (aside from Jimin himself) your favorite person to spend time with. He was the first to break the ice with you when Jimin introduced you to his friends. Although you and Jimin were extremely close friends (as he worded it), his members had no idea about you. The initial meeting was stiff and awkward. Seeing your timid nature, and noticing Jimin’s lack of involvement in getting you and his friends to connect, Jungkook had taken it upon himself to bridge that gap between you and the other members. It was through him that you learned of Jin’s love for Mario, Suga’s passion for music, V’s love of everything, and many other things. You remembered excitedly babbling your discoveries to Jimin, only to deflate when he pensively stared at you, asking how you came to know these. Once you mentioned Jungkook’s name, Jimin had frowned, pulling you into his side and kissing your temple. You had practically fainted at that; you two were ‘close friends’, but he had kissed you, surely he felt more for you?
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