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This guy was playing a game. He was always bugging me and I wasn’t going to let him mess with me. He was popular with the ladies and he never had a girlfriend he just always was messing around with several girls and didn’t care if he hurt them. There was one week that changed everything. I changed as a person and that caused so many things to change as well. “(Y/N) why won’t you hang with me?” “Because I don’t like you.” “Yeah right you know you want me.” “No not really.” “Why not!? I got so much swag that no one can resist me.” “Really? Well watch me be the first.” I walked off he was way too cocky. “(Y/N)” “Leave me alone.” I was spun around and his face was a mere inch away. “I can’t” he said and pressed his lips against mine. It took me a second to react. I pushed him off of me and I slapped him. “You think kissing me will change my mind? Fucking leave me alone you playboy!” I ran off trying to get some distance between us. Once I was safe in my home I touched my lips. I felt electricity run through me when he kissed me, but I had to keep that a secret. If he knew I’d just be another token. The next day he was all over another girl. He looked at me and then looked back at the girl and kissed her. He was trying to shove it in my face. I scoffed. This Fucker! I walked by, I didn’t need to watch this, I was going to stand my ground. I had to act like I hated him. In reality I knew I was lying. I always liked him I just never wanted to get near him because of his playboy ways. I did really good at hiding it. The day was normal even with him being in a few of my classes, but after class was when the fun happened and it got interesting. “(Y/N)” I turned around and got slapped. “Never slap Suga again!” It was the girl that Suga was kissing this morning. “I will slap him whenever I want.” This bitch just pushed me too far. “No you won’t! You have no right to touch him!” “Well what if I do?” I now was going to get her really upset. “You don’t! He is with me now so stay away?” “Ha- Flavor of the day is what you are.” She slapped me again and I started laughing. I looked past her and saw him. I smirked, I was going to enjoy this. I walked past the girl and went to Suga. When I was just in front of him I quickly turned around to make sure she was still watching. When I saw that she still was I turned back to him, and without any words I pushed him against the lockers and kissed him. He quickly responded and kissed back. We were in a heated make-out session. Our tongues would touch each other I would bite on his lip when we’d break apart for a bit of air and continue. His hands were all over me and landed on my butt, and we finally broke apart. I smiled and turned to walk away and there was the flavor of the day, she was angry. “Yeah I’m sure he’s not yours with what we just did.” I left. I skipped school the rest of the day. Not only was I not wanting to deal with that girl again or Suga I also was still in a daze from making out with him. It was better than I imagined and if I saw him again I’d probably attack him again and then he’d really know how I felt. I decided to give myself a nice long weekend. My parents were out of town anyways so they couldn’t really stop me. It was Sunday evening when there was a knock at my door. I opened it to see Suga. “What do you want?” “(Y/N) I have a problem.” “Ok and that concerns me how?” “It’s your fault!” “Oh really?” “Yes!” He walked in and shut the door behind him. “How’s it my fault?” “You weren’t supposed to kiss me like that!” “Ok…I’m sorry. Was that all you needed to say?” “No, (Y/N) I’m screwed!” “Suga just say it clearly so you can leave.” “I can’t stop thinking about you! After that kiss I only want your lips on mine.” My heart started beating faster, but I had to remind myself that he is a playboy and is really good at it. “Oh good one.” “I’m Serious!” “Ok playboy!” “Stop that! I’m being serious, I’ve never felt this before!” “Sorry I won’t fall for it.” “What can I do to show you I mean it?” I thought for a second and one thing popped in my head. If he really wasn’t going to be a player there was the one thing he had never done that would prove he wanted more. “Make me your girlfriend” I had become bold. “Really?” “Yeah if you actually like me that much wouldn’t you want me exclusive to only you? Plus you’ve never had a girlfriend so that would say a lot.” “I…….I can’t.” “Then this conversation is over.” I said pushing him out the door. Now that Jerk was on my mind. I tried to get him out of there but it didn’t work. My feelings had grown just from me making out with him. The next day at school I kept seeing him looking at me. I was getting sick of it. He was the playboy and yet he couldn’t stop looking at me. I decided I was going to play with guys like he played with girls. Whenever I saw Suga looking at me I would grab a random guy and kiss them. By the time I was going in for my fourth guy Suga pulled me away from the guy. “DON’T TOUCH HER! (Y/N) IS MY GIRLFRIEND! I WILL KILL ANYONE WHO DARES TOUCH HER!” the dude took off running down the hall. “I’m your girlfriend?” “Yes! I want you exclusively with me and now the whole school will know how much I like you.” “Ok.” I then kissed him to seal the deal. One week was all it took to change us..
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I enjoyed reading this cx lol I like how she spelled him at the beginning, shit I would too, damn playboys haha, tag me in the upcoming ones ok? thanks (:
This was great, of course yoongi would be a playboy with all that swag👏😂💞
Omg this is soooo good. Tag me in the next one please?!?!!
tags me in more parts I liked it
@SarahVanDorn wonderful as usual hun!
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