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~Merry Christmas to Vingle People ~ ~Hope you all had a good Holiday Season This the season when you wear warm clothes,hang out with your loved ones and be as lazy as you can while you wait to open presents. I can for sure say this year was one hell of a year compared to the last five years of my holiday season this year was the first year I felt the real Christmas spirit because of the fact that I actually had my whole family one place at the same time with no violence or miscommu -nications or bad faces everyone for the first time ever of 5 years or more was actually Happy to see eachother and be here for the holiday season. it was a long journey to get everyone together for this holiday season but then I thought since I accomplished my goal to make sure everyone got along and all of the miscommunications ect were cleared. i thought id tell the world how i accomplished my goal and I hope for whoever is having the same issue or similar of not being able to be with everyone for the holiday season it's never too late, just don't give up . =Curious ,but can anyone Relate in a way? = ☆☆Since everyone left i thought id post this and go watch anime ~♡♡ Happy Holidays 2015 Instagram: Wendycraftq
@wendycraftq On a personal note, I'm glad you had a good Christmas, Here's to many more
@wendycraftq I am jelly of your hoodie. I need to get a matching trio, one for me and one each for my two nieces.
@wendycraftq GOOD JOB 10/10
Love the hood lol I saw a cool umbreon one irl the other week xD
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