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This is a MUST on your list of dramas!
Did I mention how perfect the casting was? Well its awesome and there really couldn't have been a better one. I mean who can replace Siwon?
YESSS!!! I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! I WATCHED THIS IN 3 DAYS BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANNA MISS A SINGLE BIT!!! Seo Joon and the chic are my favorite couple, ho my god they're amazing!! When Seo Joon turned nice, he was having so mucb aegyo and I fell so hard for him GAAAAH!!
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@KpopGaby yass girll totally agree
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@gwyneth2568 I wanna re-watch it haha XD although Siwon made me sad most of the time... *sniffs*
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I love this drama, this was the first drama I've ever wanted to watch while it was airing and I did. The first episode drew me in with its humor. This show is absolute perfection!
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