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*Warning: Swearing* This is for anyone disrespecting BTS or any other idols. Can someone explain this to me? Like explain to me why the fuck this is a thing? This is the most pointless thing I've seen in a long time. Between this and nasty comments on their public accounts; this is the shit that needs to stop! It needs to be done, like, yesterday! So dumb. It makes us fans, especially international fans, look bad. But more importantly it hurts the group you claim to care so much for. To be honest of all the idols to pick for this, Suga? If I wanted a picture of Suga flipping the bird I'd Google for a legit one, because he's done it! Same with Rapmon who did it like 30 times in the Do You video. But they don't just do it out in public for no reason, they know that's not what they want for an image and fans shouldn't want to ruin their image. This was so useless in so many ways! Just stupid and hurtful! I would like to think it wasn't a fan who did this and is just some hater douche but who knows. Because with the way some are behaving and posting inappropriate shit all over their accounts, it wouldn't fucking surprise me. Get some lives people because there are much better things to be doing. It's disturbing that you want them to read something icky. It would make anyone uncomfortable. And those accounts that these are being posted on are where you write in hopes they will read it. Have some damned shame! You want to photoshop pictures? Be constructive and make something cool and not hurtful like this lame ass shit! You want to write crude things? Go be a paperback writer or at least write it on a site where it belongs; aka not YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter! This isn't aimed at everyone. Obviously it's only at the 'fans' who are making all international fans look like a bunch of thirsty and hurtful perverts who can't manage to figure out what respect means. Respect is saying you love their music, hell, call them handsome if you want, but say it kindly and respectfully. I doubt most of the people making these pictures or writing these smutty comments would want to show or say those to the idol's face! And this behavior won't get them wanting to do concerts here anytime soon! Common sense people; y'all got brains fucking use them! Again. This was only directed at the guilty parties. I say I don't want to apologize for something I didn't do but still. I didn't do it but I'm sorry it's happening. Sorry is a feeling and not always claiming responsibility for the issue. So I'm sorry the boys are having to actually say something that should be downright obvious. #WeApologizeToBTS
Here's some random funny memes to help calm us down a little...deep breaths... Tagging these lovely and respectful fans! (Not purposely excluding anyone. Just my BTS master list.) @thePinkPrincess @Emealia @CreeTheOtaku @B1A4BTS5ever @destiny1419 @Bitterlimelight @kpopandkimchi @SarangRavi @YeseniaLira @KokoroNoTakara @KPopFandom @justcallmekyki @musicmofo @LilySilver @CassidyRoush @carolinaquito14 @VioletaDelRio @AliciaStransky @minimonkey07 @AmandaOwnbey @UnnieCakesAli @JazzyJazJaz @Rhia @JasmineWilliams @bangtanella @SugaOnTop @ToppDogg @nerdy3000 @SusiBosshammer @TLeahEdwards @Lizzeh @Jiyongixoxo @moonchild03 @herreravanessa9 @Maddie27 @funnelcakeboo @rosajlm2 @AnnieGoodman @vyntnguyen24 @SunshineChang @StephaniePoore @Michellelbarra @Onenonlybovie @rapmonsterous20 @MinDeji @ArielaPicazo @Gizzy2002 @CocatolaOtaku @TiffanyBibian @Stefany17 @hobisprincess @JasminPerez @Simba14 @raenel @ARMYStarlight @Meeshell @sugakookie @jiminsabs @tinaechle @OnLarrysCloud @tannyo @JessicaFigueroa @VeronicaArtino @DesireeChucklez @jazgaara33 @ILikeHisFace123 @krin @SkyRollins @Kyokeo @SunnaWalo @MandyNoona @Angelblue @Roxy1903 @DreaG1518 @aliciasalinas @KeziahWright @Kpoplover20 @KpopGaby @AlmaRangel @vlargos @fleaisms @DamarisCisneros @SierraBecerra @poojas @ElniWyatt @JelliBelli111 @CassieWarens @KellyOConnor @kpopbunny9 @VIPFreak2NE1 @pkhyeri @JadeNarine @ccebox47 @Kpossible4250 @amobigbang @SilentPianist @thatoneoutcast @NelyLovo @XionHeart @SamanthaRae19 @Ligaya @AdiaJasinskin @emilyanpham14 @luna1171 @MaricelvaRomero @squishyseokjin @xxxtina @CandaceJordan @TeaeraHarrell @nenegrint14 @kmeier230 @MZDawson31508 @ChavaBerry @11erinmims @Ticasensei @Taehyungie @LaurenStrayhorn @gummydragon @brirodriguez412 @ShimJooKyung @blackirishawk @TaehyungKey @shelbiisonfire @sarangseoltang @Britneygraham @torchix @MischiefK1ng
@MadAndrea Awe you think I am a respectable fan I feel so happy... @CreeTheOtaku Stay calm buddy... Remember that getting mad in their steady still doesn't solve anything... But I do agree with you... @SugaOnTop Nabi I know that this would hit you hardest out of my Vingle friends because you are a die hard Suga fan but remember no matter what stupid fake ARMYs say, Suga still has his swag... @amobigbang Just remember buddy that there will always be cultural differences but I think that Kfans should be happy that their idols are spreading to other countries because it's better for their idols and helps pay for their idols hard work... But I do feel quite embarrassed to be American myself... *Still wishing I was born in South Korea* @Ticasensei That is just... Wrong... On so many levels... We all know TOP is attractive but she should have kept that to herself... @SierraBecerra @TiffanyBibian @KeziahWright @JessicaFigueroa @JasmineWilliams @Onenonlybovie @ARMYStarlight @moonchild03 @torchix @MinDeji @BAbrajan1 @MischiefK1ng @Stefany17 @B1A4BTS5ever @XionHeart @MichelleIbarra @SunnaWalo @YulianaVidales @Maddie27 @brirodriguez412 @VIPFreak2NE1 @CarleB @11erinmims Stay strong Vingle ARMYs... Just continue to shower BTS with our respectable live and maybe one day the good fans will outweigh the bad and the Kfans will acknowledge this... Love you all!!!
I'm going to look at some bts memes and not going to get stressed out about this
@MadAndrea Thank you and I read somewhere that karmys really just think we don't have respect at all for them and basically made it seem like we are the only ones that do it and the don't that's what pissed me off like what gives us the right to sit all high and mighty like they have never said anything like that, that's where I cross the line trying to make it seem like they are so pure and we are so bad because some army's don't have respect.
Aishhhhh....only because you tagged me, I'll make my last statement on this issue. I've been a fan of BTS since N.O comeback. I've watched youtube comments and facebook comments and it's safe to say as a whole the ARMY fandom is not what it used to be. But that's to be said for a group that gains so much popularity in such a short amount of time. (I:E, Exo-Ls) Unfortunately, because our group is so well loved, they've attracted unsuitables that think they can do what they want and avoid the consequences. From Rapmon's death threats, to Suga's multiple photoshoppings, and etc. Unfortunately, these things will not only continue to happen, but as our boys keep captivating other's hearts, will most likely happen more frequently. The only thing we can do as true A.R.M.Y is to keep showing our love in a safe and mature way, and hopefully we won't have to have this stupid ass conversation again. Also, K-ARMY are hypocrites and only have a smaller chance of these occurences because it's a smaller fanbase. Let's try to remember international ARMY come from many different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, and they like to pretend we're all American. The end I'm done can I just go back to staring at my boys now thanks
@Ticasensei ahhhh I've seen Korean fans say some pretty deprived things...but usually it's under anon accounts lol
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