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Omg it's like a flashback to the Eternity MV/promotional period! The last time Hakyeon had blonde hair it was short lived but it's back! And I think I may have died!!!! They might as well all go blonde! But seriously I think I had a mini heart attack whenever I saw their special performance! Hakyeon with blonde hair, Ravi covering Hongbin's parts, and then Hyuk doing Ravi's line and some of Hongbin's too! I miss Hongbin but the performance was great!! @kpopandkimchi have you seen this yet?!
ravi ♡♡♡♥
love him w blonde hair haha
I miss him in red! he looks so good with red!
@CreeTheOtaku Yeah same! I love him in brown, black, and with the green. His red hair was awesome too. I guess I'm just really excited about the blonde because last time he had it it didn't last long.
I'll miss him in green but I love him in blonde
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