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First things first, thank you for tagging me (@Ligaya @cindystran). Second of all I'm sorry I didn't do it earlier I was just plain lazy :P


My name is Claudia and I'm from India. I currently live in Oklahoma. I got into Kpop 3 years ago but it still feels like I'm a newcomer.

2. My Current Crush

I know that in the challenge it said to write your ULTIMATE crush. But, be honest guys do you have a single bias? So that is why I wrote my current crush, Choi Jong Hoon. I recently watched his web drama Prince of Prince and got to see a different side of him.

3. Current Status

I'm Sexy, Free and Single~

4. Sweetest Gesture

I really can't think of any romantic gesture anyone has done for me. But, I would definitely like to wake up to a room filled with balloons!

5. My Partner

I definitely want him to be loyal and loving add in a dash of personality and there you have it. It would also be nice if he can put up with my weird antics and my obsession for korean men.