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*SPOILER* Fairy Tail (2014) Ep 90
hey guys waddup! So here i am lying down, thinking: "wow." as anyone who has watched episode 90, you should know that Master Makarov has decided to disband Fairy Tail. I just wanted to know everyone's personal thoughts and opinions on this matter and please... No spoilers for the later episodes/Manga chapters. Also, is the Anime still gonna be called Fairy Tail? :P jk Thanks for stopping by and see ya on another card. Peace Peeps~
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I was surprised but then it all makes sense now. Plus I've read the manga. So I knew before the episode, but I still cried when Igneel died.
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@KarraHill rest in piece D:
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@KarraHill bad pun cuz acnologia bit off a piece of his body... my bad
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read the manga.......shocking and adds some more questions i want answered.....
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