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I've been putting this series (and really anything to do with EXO off for the longest time) because:
A. I'm slightly afraid of EXO's (what I originally thought to be, but no longer) aggressive fandom
B. I don't know if I can mentally handle getting overly attached to a new group (BTS literally has ruined my life I don't know how I could handle two)
But now I don't really have a choice because:
B. EXO will be my first K-Pop concert so it's only right I learn more about them right? (say no please say no)
Some people on Youtube comments advised that anyone getting into EXO should watch this first. "It's so good." They said. "You'll love it!" They said.


What I now believe is that it should be a federal crime for Idols to look this good when acting. It should really be a crime for them to act at all. It should also be a crime to wreck a bias list in progress because that's exactly what this show has done.
Can I just say CHAN-FREAKING-YEOL?!?!? Who said he could do these things to my heart?? He's shot straight to the top of my bias list. Chanyeol and I have history (I found out about EXO through him and Got7 through Jackson on Roommate) and this is literally NOT what I was expecting from him. AT. ALL. Like he's getting mad and I'm sitting there like aw shit man so sorry I didn't mean to make u mad omg but please keep being mad bcuz you look so damn good doing it woAH but seriously can you NOT
Also Baconbits was at the top (those notes in Unfair oh my God help) and he's still kinda there but I'm not able to watch him as much bcuz it's mostly Chanyeol and D.O (I'll get to him later dw) but he's still beautiful and cute af and I'm sure I'll get to see him in other stuff and also that scene with Sehun gave me a heart attack kindly cease
Ok so all I knew (and still kinda know) about Kyungsoo is that he makes that O_O face frequently (apparently cause he has bad eyesight? like I feel u buddy) and he can cook, and that note he hits in Growl is wow omg nice. But OH MY GOD this kid is so precious like I know this is a drama but I just feel like he'd be such a perfect husband he's so kind and so PRECIOUS LIKE IDK HOW ELSE TO DESCRIBE HIM HE'S SO PRECIOUS I want a mini D.O to keep in my pocket to make me snacks and write cute notes and stuff and aww idk why you guys call him Satansoo he seems like the farthest thing from aww he didn't really move up the bias list but I put him in something I call my Precious List (I just made it don't make fun of me) it includes BTS Jimin and Jin, Got7 Mark, BigBang Seungri, iKon Junhoe, and Red Velvet Irene.
Ok so Sehun used to be the bias wrecker on my list but after these first few episodes like I can't even take him seriously why did they make him so derpy or is this just him all the time lik e omfg I watched the hour long v-app video he did with Chanyeol and he was kinda like this but I half expected him to say yehet every five minutes he's on the alien list with BTS V and Got7 Jackson now I can't with this kid
So yeah I'm on ep4 right now and that's where I'm at I'll make a final post when I finish the series, also I have to rewatch their Weekly Idol because the first time I did was when I didn't know half of their names and I wanna know the other members (especially Xiumin he's so cute but when I do a head count I always forget about him and Chen oops) ohorat thanks for reading this barely coherent rant
my top four are the main ones Chanyeol is my bias then baekhyun the kyunsoo and then sehun....this drama put Chanyeol ahead of kyungsoo and I hate that I love them so Much lol
@Tigerlily84 Oh yeah!! His laughing face is too cute XD XD
@HuonTreeRoo the end of episode 10 wherr he is getting on to the girl. And he makes a joke and laughs really loud. TOO CUTE ! I giggle everytime.
@torchix hahah, we're all trying to help you out. after this show, watch their variety show so you can see their actual personalities without a script :-)
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