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Hey guys!!!! So Mark won the last vote for GOT7 and so here is his card!!!! Enjoyyyy!!!! XD ( Credit to owners )!
Thanks guys and don't forget to vote for the next member you want to see and which Mark meme or gif was your favorite!!!! XD ( Mark and Jackson are both done now! ) Also, tell me if you want to be tagged as well!! @MadAndrea @EmilyGardner @AnnieGoodman @AikoPalman @yeniyx23
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2 years ago·Reply
"Every lady wants a piece of me" is my favorite one because its so true.... Please do JB next and tag me in the future cards 😄 Thanks!
2 years ago·Reply
My ultimate bias! 😍😍😍🔥🔥 Mark Oppa!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Daebak! !!
2 years ago·Reply
If calling a woman baby means you want to take of her, what does that mean for a male? Or a Mark?
a year ago·Reply