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Popular flower boy Lee Min Ho has taken Hong Kong like a storm. The actor attended Innisfree Fiesta celebration on April 18 as its official spokesperson in Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. Innisfree officially opened last week on April 12 both in Causeway Bay and Mongkok. Innisfree plans to open 4 stores in Hong Kong and expand to China. Other than Lee Minho, Mr. Ahn Sae Hong, Chief executive officer of Innisfree was present during the ceremony. Due to his tight schedule, Lee Minho hasn't visited the newly opened stores in Hong Kong. "If I have enough time, I will visit these stores next time" the actor said. He then shared his own skin care tips which is having enough sleep, drinking more water and be natural. He commented that his skin feel very fresh and comfortable after trying "Green Tea Seed Serum". As the advertisement was shot in Jeju, he thinks that Jeju is natural place with lots of cuture. He even said that he want to move to Jeju and live their for his whole life. Althought he is very famous, he want to visit busy and famous places like Myeong Dong. credit:K-Popstarz
omg he's the perfection
Such a Wonderful Creation of God! Lee Min Ho@_@
wow so handsome!!
very cooooolllll man...!!!
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