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So happy I could just cry! So much Kpop in my phone!!!! VIXX and SNSD and f(x) and 9Muses and Twice and so on! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! I'm so excited I could scream! Haha MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!
It sounds cool but music is actually really cheap compared to what it used to be and I have already run out of music to buy haha.
awe so lucky. I am so happy for you.
Ha I got music, workbooks and my makeup since I am so pale Korean makeup works best everything in the U.S makes my face tan or brown and I am so pale... I either look tan or dead with everything I have found over here. 馃槶 I saw a YouTube video of a girl with my same skin tone and she used Korean make up even though she isn't actually Korean and she looked amazing lol. So I tried it last year and I love it. I don't look dead or fake anymore! Haha
I asked for a Amazon gift card and got 3 now I have and have over $300 and order kpop stuff and other stuff lol
@kieuseru absolutely!!!
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