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Very egoistical but awesome at the same time!
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yep, but a confident man is still a confident man, right?
Hahaha! I think this is an awesome shirt. I would probably be very amused by the individual wearing it.
Definitely, haha! I have a few slogan tees like this. I'll rock them out as soon as it gets warm around here. Would love to see people's reactions
but but but but but ....damn tease, i wanna check him out!!!!....smh....soooo wrong, i wanna see.....hmm, @carlosdang owe me a mr. tall, dark and handsome , ill be waiting (T_T)
@carlosdang Ohhh, I cannot wait to see what tees you're going to rock. I'm sure they'll be awesome. I'm going to have to agree with @cheerfulcallie, where is the rest of tall, dark, and handsome? I'll be hanging around waiting also. :-P